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This scouting report generator is designed to provide a quick and easy way for basketball coaches to create scouting reports of opposing teams. By taking the most recent cummulative season box score of the team you are about to play and plugging in the respective values in the form above, you can generate a printable scouting report in little time.

In addition to the statistical calculations, you have the option to include notes about the player's strengths, weaknesses, and general notes on how to shut down their game. These can come from viewing tapes of the opposing team's games.

Tendex is a percentage value that reflects a player's productivity on the basketball court based on their stats. The formula is:

Tendex = ((PTS + A + ST + BLK + TOT - (FGA - FG) - (FTA - FT) - TO) / MIN) * 100

Because there are so many factors that combined to form the tendex percentage value, it represents how productive the player is on the court. It can be used to identify the best players on the opposing team or motivate your own players to improve their proformance in their weak areas.

To use this tendex calculator, simply give your report a title and click the ADD TITLE button.

Next, type in the information for each field. If you are unsure of the abbreviations used, check the list below. Once all of the fields are completed, click ADD PLAYER, and the player's stats and notes will be added to the page on the right.

Continue adding the players and add titles to separate groups of players where you see fit. When you're done, click on the report page and print your finished report with all of the information you need in one document.

GP - Games Played
GS - Games Started
MIN - Minutes Played
FG - Total Field Goals Made
FGA - Total Field Goals Attempted
3-FG - Total 3-pointers Made
3-FGA - Total 3-pointers Attempted
FT - Free Throws Made
FTA - Free Throws Attempted
TOT - Total Rebounds
A - Assists
TO - Turnovers
BLK - Blocks
ST - Steals
PTS - Total Points
Ht. - Height
Wt.- Weight

Note: If you just want to test the calculator to see how it works, search the web for "season box score basketball" to find a season box score. Go through each player, entering their stats in the proper fields, to generate a test report.

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